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Maza chante

One day I will be just right

Maybe not perfect but well worth the fight

Suppose I’ll have what it takes to be what keeps a heart beating

Instead of what keeps a heart thrive in hate for me

Ive grown to be a disaster, a walking mishap of misfortune, it would seem

Like it’s just me & Im battling the world, its one giant team

I love hard, & I am very one sided.. a side of my own

With every disheartening word, my distance grows

I love deep & I love to a fault, I feel

I only feel triumphant when, in response, I know it’s real

I battle with double ended daggers, I fall on it first

I don’t think Im very special, more of a curse

I apologize when I know there is no fault in any

But I do to get back to the love, that I know there is plenty

I day dream of walking down a stream of flowing water & a breeze gentle in my hair

To the meeting of the land, where your heart will greet me there

My heart can break a million time over

But still beat for you my patient lover

I say what I mean because its all I know how to

I say it always.. I say it to you

Forgive my impatience, I am a child of the ever glowing sun

Always ablaze never stopping, although, its you, I have won

A fight from morning til stars rise

In anger, my words freely fly

Guilt spills over me at the thought of breaking your will

My soul & my spirit it kills

My heart speaks up before my mind can make it hault

It gets me in trouble.. but it’s only my fault

Im a work in progress I will be for a long time

That’s why it’s so hard.. I’m truly one of a kind

A challenge so simple with lots of complexities

Like a constant pin drop, the mind loses its identity

But I will try.. and try.. and try.. til it overtakes all

To keep you from that damnated far fall.

… I am nothing special, nothing of that kind

But I think I am deserving of your heart & mind

With an iron heart, big stick, & vow to protect you with every ounce of my soul, mind, & body.

I dont expect the same in return, look who you’re competing with.. little ol’ me.

Just love me like you know how & be faithful from the start

& you will forever keep in tact this mangled heart.

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