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Que Sera Sera

This is true..

Everything seems so amplified when youre not around.. The crickets, the heart beat, & the rain.. The sun shines too bright, & I wear my glasses bc it pisses me off. Everyone seems so happy.. as happy as I was.. & I’m jealous.. I have you but I dont.. I feel like fucking Mario, I can’t jump up this god damn hill without getting a life size changing mushroom head.. & I can’t find it.. why? Because its in your back pocket…

I hate looking weak.. Absolutely hate looking weak, and thats how I feel.. Is this some lesson I need to be taught? That if you want something in your life, you can’t fight it or make it come back, you have to open your heart up & let it be known..

Well fine.. here goes..

You love someone so much that you don’t even feel like a fucking person when they’re not around.. that their heart is making you live too.. Their blood runs through you.. like some weird form of life. For a moment in time you just forgot about all the worries in your life when you see their smile with your own eyes & touch their scruffy face with your hands.. & get to know they want you in their arms when they wrap you up in them.. & when its taken away from you, you feel so abandoned.. even if they were the one who took it away.. but you had taken it for granted so many times before… its like karma being the bitch it can be.

I usually do things with no thought, like I said I dont live routinely bc its not preferred.. & here I am having a moment.. Im in fingers reach of having & losing the only important thing in my life.. At one moment I think im free of blame and now all I can do is blame myself.. No mind games were needed for this one.. I ran him over with an 18 wheeler once & the reversed over him… & I guess I deserve this loneliness.. i dont know..

Im dramatic.. but I’m fragile with some thick walls surrounding me.. with every move my world shakes but my walls dont break.. and I don’t care about much and I rarely care about people.. but i care about this.. more than i care about a lot that i’ve cared a lot about before..and it’s so hard for me to open up appropriately without sounding rude or bitchy.. I don’t know how to sound sincere sometimes..

sometimes im so cold & heartless… its hard to believe me.. but someones bound to believe me like i believe in myself.. my word is good.

ive learned that you cant expect to be given everything you think you deserve.. you have to prove that you deserve it.. no matter how many tears my eyes can produce, ill continue to cry them until i know where i need to be with you.. ill wish on every fucking star i see every night if i have to, blow out dandelion after dandelion bc they travel where ever the wind blows.. and i know at some point itll land on your shirt when youre walking somewhere.. like the stars are the same stars i wish on that you may or may not see at night.. id walk those 1,626,240 ft to prove it to you.. i told you that if you ever walked to me you’d be stupid.. well if walking to you makes me stupid.. fuck it, im a fucking idiot but id do it..

Im such a fighter, I fought off what I was fighting for.. I get mad over everything.. I know.. a lot of it wont change, but I’ll fix what I need to.. I’m human, not a robot.. i cant be programmed to be perfect & I don’t wish to be perfect.. I wish for you to close your eyes, place yourself in my shoes for 20minutes & try not to cry bc you have no idea how much emotion is really running through my body and heart that i just cant explain..

Every person has a weakness, whether it be food, tv, or a book.. You’re mine.. Anybody else I would be fine to just leave.. I cant with you.. I close my eyes.. I see your eyes when I opened my eyes when you were laying next to me and looking at me in your bed.. I toss over in my bed and I think about tossing over and hugging onto you.. So I toss back over & just think about when you were passed out & tossed over held onto me & let the biggest sigh of relief out, you held me.. the whole night. I remember cuz I held your hand when you did. Youre my weakness.. & I’m ok with it.. bc I want you.. Just you..

I guess I took it as a challenge to challenge your feelings like I did all the time.. I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I was wrong & you did what you did..Believe me I would change so much.. I really would..

How can one person have so much influence on your life, they’re there in your face when they’re not even in the same state as you.. You wake up in the morning & look at your phone, instead of going to facebook you scroll through their pictures and smile.

I’m not afraid of trying for you.. or looking weak because I love you.. I said before I’d fight for love.. bc I believe in it.. & I believe in us.. I believe in you most of all. I’d be strong for you.. I’d be anything you want.. just as long as you call me yours..

If I could follow the stars to you, I would..

Im not very good at expressing myself.. I sound odd, and I’m kleenexing tears off my cheeks as I write this but theres more to say..

We’re not perfect.. but we are for each other with our imperfections.. I embrace everything about you.. I don’t feel at home when Im not with you.. Sitting next to me driving with a cigarette in your ear & your spys covering your eyes.. one hand on the steering wheel and one intertwined in my fingers.. scooting closer just to be closer to you bc we’ve spent so much time apart.. Listening to you get pissed at slow drivers & “dumbass” drivers. Sitting in complete silence with you and being fine because you’re not miles from my reach. Hearing you call me baby without having to read it on a text message.

Do you realize, you’re the only one i wanna hear calling me sweet names.. not from anyone else.. just you. You’re the only one I want to get pissed at over facebook something so fucking stupid, youre the only person I want to call when I get exciting news, and act like a complete idiot with or around because you make me comfortable even though a lot of the time you just kind of look at me like “i can’t believe i love this girl” sometimes (: thats ok bc you love me nonetheless.. I wanna cry and fall in your arms when I feel like giving up, I want you to wipe the tears from my eyes and rock me & tell me itll be ok like you have before, kiss my forehead and call me silly for crying but smile that smile you do for me.  Its you.. ever since the obvious 2 years ago.. ever since I admitted to it May 1st.. & for now until forever.. its gonna remain you..

I want to be there when you feel alone so that you know youre not, to pick you up when youre down & bring you back to good, to remind you how important you are to me & to hold you in silence when words arent needed.. I want you to feel my love without me saying a word.. I want to be the only person you know can do that.. Bc you’re the only person who can to me.. You’re beautiful in your ways & you don’t even know it.. You probably never will.. But I’ll always see it.. even with the grim looks you may carry, I know your soul is built on beauty.. I want to reflect it on you like you do on me when I didn’t push you off the cliff.. Im sorry .. I just love you.. more than I thought I could love anyone..

Im a bitch, & I’m goofy.. I’m silent & I think about too much too fast.. Im stubborn and grumpy.. I have a nack for thinking every girl wants you.. bc I know how amazing you are.. but I’d go through hell and back for you.. Im not weak hearted.. but I know I feel empty right now.. & I’m living off what we have.. & you dont have to believe me, but I do.. Bc this is all from my heart.. no matter how little you think it may be.. its there..

You will never know just how much you love someone until you almost lose them or lose them completely.. Its a horror movie internally.. Except its on repeat..

Words can’t bring you to me.. I hope my heart can.. bc its all here..

Trust me.. Believe in us..

i love you.. just you.. F*E*TTM*B*TI*B*2Image

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1,626,240 feet.. 308 miles.. too far

Let me begin by saying this is not a rant.. but pretty sappy shit. Its my week & Im feeling Nicholas Spark-ish.. Waiting on my parents to bring me some Chipotle.. Besides I have nothing to really rant about lately.. Im sure my boyfriend would disagree, as would many when their girlfriend says she has nothing to complain about..

Leading me to my “press.”  I am in a long distance relationship.. with a man I am head over heels for.. everything I never knew I always wanted.. and so much more.. I’ve been mocked, ridiculed, & doubted for being in this relationship & it has yet to phase me. If anything the biggest enemies of a long distance relationship are yourself & your thoughts.

Funny story.. I met Zach through my ex. Luckily, their friendship diminished faster than the panties dropping on a prostitute looking for blow. So no worries in that department dear reader, I know what you were thinking.. DRAMA DRAMA DRAM.. The only drama was my ex being pretty bitter than someone had actually stepped up to love me right. Anyway, I met Zach through my ex, though the obvious would state that there was an unspoken connection between us, none of us acknowledged it or even realized it til two years after our friendship. He instantly became one of my favorite people and was there for me through a lot of things & I was not the best of friends to him & he was sure to let me know of it.. I admit in any competition dealing with morals & sticking to whats right no matter how much it hurt, he had me beat.

We had stopped being friends at a point or two, he went and did his thing & I continued to make dumb choices, but he never left my mind.. always somewhere in the midst of my thoughts on occasion. About maybe 6months or so between our last “ending of friendship” I wrote him apologizing.. for being a panzy.. & it must have been perfect timing bc after that it was as if things never really ended, he was single, I was single.. He was so patient & so good at hiding that he liked me too.. At that time I had been single for almost 10months.. out of a bad situation & he had had a rough ending.. we were both kinda blah about relationships.. I always read our convo leading up to him telling me he liked me.. I couldnt tell if the girl he was crazy about was me or another.. so I waited.. and about two months after, he told me.. & of course I fucked it up.. again..

HOWEVER, after a long while.. he forgave me but under no easy circumstance.. I was sure he barely even wanted to be friends.. One day I had told him I wanted to say something.. me being me I was on the fence of how to say it.. so I sent him a picture I had seen.. & it said I love you.. & he responded with he loved me too 😀 !!! I’ll never forget that night.. I was the happiest I had ever been in a long long time..

So as you can tell, it wasnt a scriptical romance him & I began.. it was a “motherfuck stop fucking shit up self, time to show what im made of & then some” love.. He gave & I took.. and took.. & I finally stopped being scared & he believed me.. & trusted me.. & I’ll always be thankful.

My boyfriend is not the kind of man that forgives just anybody, & I know this because he almost didn’t forgive me & he loves me to the moon & back.. to infinity if possible. He doesn’t trust people easy, & I honestly think he can count the people he does trust on one hand. He’s a stern man & a challenge to deal with.. So you can understand why Im so proud I have him, bc I worked hard for the love he can give. I feel like I’m sounding a little too worshiping here haha… I am. Don’t get me wrong, he is no picnic, I hate picnics, he’s perfect to me.. He’s perfect for me. Hes always puts my needs before his own, he does all he can to make me smile, he stands up for me, & he protects me & what we have.

He doesn’t put up with my bullshit and I like that.. Nobody can ever deal with my bullshit, they just walk away.. Its easy to walk.. but he stays.. He sees me for what my heart has to offer him.. real love from within. There is no depth I wouldn’t go to make him happy and no distance I wouldn’t walk to see him smile that smile I only see. We have a way with each other & I like it like that, bc I feel safe. I don’t doubt him, & he doesnt doubt me. We can be conniving, rude, mean, & say some very harsh things.. but at the end of the day.. there is no other I would lay my life down for.

I’ve taken him for granted a lot, and now at times I love him too much & it almost seems fake.. Im slowly finding my medium, and we are growing as a couple. He works hard for himself & to maintain us. Happiness is hard to maintain with miles in between, but somehow we manage. Its hard work & by all means not for everyone. I am a strong individual & I will admit that it doesn’t get easier going days without the one you love most being there to kiss you on the forehead in the middle of the night when he gets up at 4am to use the bathroom, or cover you with blankets because you may be cold. I wouldn’t do this with anyone but him..

Before him, I was selfish as fuck.. It was all about me.. No fear in leaving any guy who couldnt fulfill my needs and wants.. When I thought of my future, I only saw myself.. After him, it changed. Its not about what I want or whats best for me, in decision making I think about how itll affect us, how he would feel, and how it will be in the long run.. When I think about my future, I see him.. I see him being the man of the house, showing our children the ways of life, laughing at me when I burn diner and cry when I introduce him to our first born & so on. I can not see anyone else, and I can’t see myself having this again with another if I ever lost him. Thats real. Thats love, and yet I still can’t explain exactly what LOVE really is.. you have to feel it.. & Im sure its different for everyone.. but me, this is heaven.. with a few rain clouds.

He motivates me as a best friend & supports me as a lover. Thats rare. He opens the car door for me, holds my bags, carries heavy things, & still smiles when I manage to say the most ridiculous things. How he loves me, I will never know.. I ask, but I’ll never understand. All I know is that he fills all the other sides of me that I can’t be.. He’s my half to a whole. Though we remain individuals of our own, when I look to my supporting factors, its his face & arms I cling to.

The morning thought when I’m rolling over to wake & the final face I see as I’m dosing off.

1,626,240 feet.. 308 miles.. so far.. but on a map it’s no more than two inches.. Its almost an evil joke that people so meant to be have to be so close & so far. Our relationship relies on texts, skype, phone calls, & words.. and even at certain points when hes working, there are no words.. and its rough.. and thats when you can become your own enemy.. and if youre like me, whom loves attention from only him, then it can almost spiral you down to pure craziness and push a fragile thing away, ruining something so precious.. You have to be strong, not for yourself but for the other. Distance is a monster, but love can overpower anything if theres enough of it.

Nevertheless, a relationship is between two people, its an equal effort to make it work. Communication is key & keeping your temper is always a plus. Talk calmly & use the right words. Over come your fears. Don’t keep trying to the point that you become an annoyance to a brick wall, back off a little & let them meet you in the middle. MAKE IT WORK, TRY. You can’t be afraid. Love is not an easy road. It takes time, patience, effort, understanding, & work. If you can’t juggle those, a relationship isn’t for you & a long distance relationship is positively not in your calling.

So dear boyfriend if you are reading this, I hope you are smiling.. You will always be the happiness I call home, the one I call my own, & the best part of me. I hope you realize you mean more to me than words can ever express, which would explain the many text I try to explain to you.. but end up sounding cheesy.. but understand I mean every word from the bottom of my heart. Not a day goes by I don’t smile with you in mind & a night that goes to sunrise that memories of us fill my head. I love you, forever & ever.. to infinity.. to the moon.. & back.. TWICE!!!!

If anyone reading this, is in a long distance relationship.. dont give up, dont lose hope, & just believe in the love you share. Love Knows No Distance ❤

Countdowns suck, & this is harder than any test.. but thats all this is.. A test.. and the easiest and hardest one at the same time. Take it from me, what keeps me going is knowing he loves me no less than I love him, every passing day is one day closer to being in his arms.

i love you zts.

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