Chocolates In A Box.. Not Literally

BIG NEWS… found out this little one is carrying a little one myself!! thats the big news.. thats the reason my hormones were such dicks!!!! Im currently 12weeks & 5days. yay go us.. my boyfriend is super supportive, & im a lucky gal to have him by my side through this whole thing.. i love looking at him every time we see the baby on the monitor screen.. his face lights up.. & BTW when you have kids or if you have any.. THE HEARTBEAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SOUND EVER!!!! Youll cry.. I did.. & I do every time I hear it.. you get really emotional too :/ i cried at a comedy.. yeah.. weirdo.. Thanksgiving was GREAT! My parents.. well my mom is stoked.. I havent talked to my dad since the divorce has started.. his doing, not mine.. heartbreaking to say the least..

We moved into our own place 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMASSSSS! & Got a cat, that I didnt tell my boyfriend about until the night we picked him up.. ha… O.O asshole move on my part.. he will not let me live it down.. Christmas in our first place was nice.. but we spent it with my mom.. it was still nice.

So where does that bring me to.. now? Nothing has changed.. except a divorce, a baby on the way, and wanting a new job.. LIFE!


I guess I’ll save the divorce rant for another day another time.. maybe when I dont have raging hormones on top of building hate towards a lie for 16 years of my lifeeeee..

i am tired… and i just got done eating.. but i know im gonna be hungry again in like 45 minutes..haha its the weekend.. and all i can look forward to is cuddling & sleeping.. wow.. i can dig it.

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